LWHA September Update from the Board

Hi everyone – 

A quick update on a couple important matters.

First and most importantly, Gay Northup has let us know that she will be retiring as Property Manager at the end of this month.  As many of you know, she has been instrumental in ensuring the Woodlands is the well-managed, financially secure, and enjoyable community it is.  The Board is extremely grateful for her many years of service and we are absolutely sending her good vibes for her new retirement!  When you see her, please thank her for everything she’s done.

On a related note, we are actively working on a replacement plan and will publicize the outcome soon.  
Secondly, I’ve received a few questions about FireWise maintenance this year.  We do not have any formal plans as of this writing, as our previous “smokeless hauling” contact is no longer available.  Therefore, we recommend that as you perform your annual cleanup of branches, needles, etc. you first and foremost follow all regulations regarding burn bans and fire safety.  Secondly, I do plan on looking into a hauling solution…but don’t guarantee anything.  So, as you clean up your property, perhaps the best solution for the present is to still stack larger limbs together, facing the same direction, in an easy-to-access location. Then that pile can be moved to the road if a hauling solution is found, or can be burned (safely!) when the time is right.  I’m sorry we don’t have more specifics on this yet.

Thanks — let me know if you have any questions.

Jordan Gevers
LWHA Board President

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