LWHA October Update from the Board

Hi everyone – 

In an effort towards open communication and community ties, we’re going to occasionally send out a quick newsletter with useful information and news.  I’ll be cc’ing the rest of the Board when I send this out, so you are always welcome to reach out to any of us with questions.

  • Fire Clearing: We have contracted with Brothers Fire to do some important tree clearing work along the fire breaks. This work is expected to happen in October or November, depending on when the contractor gets back from fire fighting in California.  In addition, we have secured resources from the DNR and WCC for maintenance along our western fire break and the southern edge of the community.  We are still waiting for a final date for this work to occur.
  • Limbing and Property Maintenance:  While the DNR is onsite, they will chip any trees, limbs, and brush that you have taken down…this is an excellent development!  If you have wood that you would like chipped, please do the following:
    • We don’t know when DNR will be here (I will let you know when I do!), so complete your maintenance as soon as possible.
    • Because DNR will be chipping this material, pile it in the area you want the chips sprayed.
    • Ensure there is access for a chipper (towed behind a pickup).
    • Trees or limbs larger than 8″ are too big, so keep those out of the pile.
    • If you want to participate in the DNR chipping, please email me and Brian Moratti (bamoratti@gmail.com).
  • Dark Skies: Thank you for continuing to address lighting at your cabin! It really makes a difference when owners turn lights off and/or redirect lights so that they are not shining into other homes or lighting the night sky. If your neighbor has a light that is causing this problem, we encourage you to talk with them and see if there is a good way to address the issue.
  • Internet Receivers: For those who have receivers installed by MethowNet, you might consider painting it to match your cabin color (see cabins at 54 and 62 Liberty Lane for example of painted receivers). This doesn’t adversely affect the function of the receiver and helps to conceal the bright white square. Simple spray paint seems to be quite effective.
  • Snow Removal: Now is a good time to line up your driveway snow removal. We will be using Lloyds Logging (509.997.2441) again this year for the road clearing. If you contract with them they do driveway snow removal at the same time that they clear the road (or you can have them come out more often if needed). There are other snow removal businesses as well.
  • Speed Limit: Thank you for adhering to the 10 mile per hour speed limit in LW and for letting your contractors / vendors and guests know about the limit. This is for both dust control in the dry season and safety all year round.

Liberty Woodlands Website is a great place to find additional information as is “The Woodlanders” private Facebook group.

Thanks!  I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the season’s first real snow!

Jordan Gevers
LWHA President

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