LWHA December Update from the Board

Happy holidays, everyone!

I hope you’re all getting a chance to enjoy that big, early snowfall we had!  

The Board and I have a couple items to update you all on:

Fire clearing:  you probably noticed the USFS finally got around to some of their burn piles on the south side of the community, which were created several years ago during a clearing project.  On the other hand, the fire break maintenance we had commissioned is partially complete — the big snow forced the crew to pause until spring.  And finally, the DNR had to call off their work due to the snow as well.  It seems winter is officially here, like it or not!  (For those of you who had piled brush for DNR to chip, that will have to wait, obviously.)

Ski trail: We’re hoping the ski trail will be groomed again this year by our neighbor, Steve Devin.  Stay tuned for an update.

Garbage shelter: The Garbage and Recycling Committee is exploring the option of having community-wide garbage and recycling at Liberty Woodland. We are asking owners to take this short survey to help us assess the interest and feasibility of this. Thank you for taking the survey by Dec 31. 

Mazama Community Club:  I have attached an invitation to join the Mazama Community Club from the wife of Peter Speer, who is the president of the Edelweiss community.  They are eager for new members!

Turn off those lights:  This is your monthly reminder! Please turn off outdoor lights (and remind your renters to do so, too!) when not in use.  This helps to preserve the environment we all love, not to mention it keeps our bedrooms dark when we’re trying to sleep.

Doggy doo:  We’ve got a problem, folks, and it stinks!  No one wants to see dog poop.  No one wants to walk in it.  No one wants to smell it.  And no one wants to track it in their house.  If you are a dog owner, please pick up after your dog.  If you rent your place, please remind your renters to pick up after their dog, even if you have a “no pets” policy.  The Board has had to field several complaints about this, so we ask that you consider your neighbors with your dogs and/or your renters’ dogs.

And on that note, have an amazing, safe, and fun holiday!

Jordan Gevers
LWHA President

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