LWHA June Update from the Board

Hi everyone – 

We’re officially in summer, and the temps (and traffic) in Mazama are proving it!  As we get into the busy season, here’s the latest from the Woodlands.

Fire Ban:  There is now a fire ban in Okanogan County.  Please inform your renters; we will be on the lookout for any violations now that we are officially into the hot and dry season.  Note:  for those of you who rent your places out, consider sending the tenants over the July 4 holiday a special “no fireworks” message just to be safe.

Septic System:  I know it’s been quiet for a while, but the good news is that the Department of Health has finally OK’d our repair for the septic system malfunction.  We are currently working through contracts, fees, and schedules with the contractor.  More to come.  I 

Dust Control:  There are two ways to control dust in our community:  1) slowing down; 2) applying lignin.  You are in charge of the first one!  Please slow down, and please remind your renters, contractors, and vendors to slow down, too!  Brian Moratti is in charge of the second one, and he will be emailing shortly about the status of that. (Note:  we’re also getting more/different signs for speed/dust control.  Stay tuned.)

Annual Meeting:  Thanks for attending the annual meeting and work party!  We had a great turnout for the work party and thanks to Brian Moratti and the Okanogan County Conservation District’s chipping grant, we removed a LOT of problematic trees, branches, and other material.  Thanks to all who joined in, and a special thanks to the Morattis for the pizza party afterwards.  Awesome!

Members-only Webpage:  We have set up a members-only section of the website to post meeting minutes, documents, etc. for you to access (and by “we”, I mean Carry Porter.  Thanks, Carry!).  We are still populating the documents, but you can access the page here and use the password “mazama”.  There’s nothing particularly sensitive on this site, obviously, but please don’t share this password with the general public.

CCR Violations:  Now’s a good time to review the CCRs and see if you’re adhering to them!  More than one set of keen eyes have spotted some violations of our CCRs, which are meant to preserve the beauty, environment, and general pleasantness of the Woodlands.  I will also be reaching out to folks about correcting violations.

Fall work party:  We’re looking at hosting a fall work party.  All details are TBD, but it will be once the cooler, wetter weather sets back in.  Stay tuned!

Thanks, everyone!  Have a safe, cool summer!


P.S.  Several people have reported a cinnamon-colored bear in the Woodlands.  Could this be the same one?

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