LWHA Garbage Update

Hello Liberty Woodlands Members,

We are moving forward with the pilot community garbage service! Please complete this very short google form as soon as possible indicating your participation (or not) in the garbage service. Please try to have just one owner complete the survey (if you co-own your lot). The intro to the form includes the following information:

  • We are moving forward on the pilot community garage collection service for Liberty Woodlands and McKinney Ridge owners! We now need to know which owners will opt into this pilot year of service.
  • The cost will be between $20-$25 per month per household for weekly garbage service (recycling is not an option at this point). The cost will depend on the final number of owners who opt in.
  • The location of the container will be on Lee Whitaker’s property just south of his pumphouse. Users of the garbage service will need to bring their trash to the container.
  • This is a opt in situation for now. Depending on the results/success of the one year pilot we may consider the inclusion of garbage service as part of our future “benefits” and associated homeowner dues.
  • If you currently have individual service (putting cans on Hwy 20) you may either switch to the pilot community service or keep your individual service.
  • We hope to start service this August.
  • Please complete this form as soon as possible if you want to opt into the pilot project. We will keep the form open for 1 week. Assuming we get the minimum necessary to make this viable, we will be moving forward. Responses to this form will help us determine the viability.

Thank you in advance!
Liberty Woodlands Board
Gilda Wheeler, Secretary  

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