LWHA Fire Update

Hi everyone – 
I am sure most of you are aware of the fire situation outside the Woodlands, but I wanted to send out an email anyway to bring everyone up to speed.  

  • There are three fires burning near the Woodlands:  Cedar Creek, Varden, and Delancy.  Cedar Creek and Varden are on our side of the highway.  Here is a map from yesterday (we are the black X on the right edge).  These fires have spread substantially since then.

2021-7-12 fire map.jpg

  • Cedar Creek and Varden fires appear to have merged, or are very close to doing so.  See the latest infrared imaging here.
  • Highway 20 is closed in both directions and will be for several days.
  • The USFS is preparing to re-cut the fire break to the south of the Woodlands.  It will follow approximately this footprint, starting out near Lee’s farm/quarry and continuing on upvalley through the Bible Camp, etc.  This fire break was previously used in the 2006 Cedar Creek fire (pics from Lee attached).


  • Mazama is currently under a Level 1 evacuation advisory…this is the lowest level and is summed up by “be ready”.
  • For the latest information, check out a few sources of info:

…And that’s really all the information I have.  I highly encourage you to check out those three sources of info, as they are being continuously updated.  
I also want to say that as these events unfold, I think the most important thing we can do is stick together and support each other and our community.  Let’s help each other out however we are able.  
A big thanks to Lee, Brian, and everyone else who has provided information I cited above.

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