LWHA September Update

Hi everyone – 

It’s been a wild summer and a lot is still going on in the Woodlands!  Here is the latest:

Fall Work Party:  mark your calendars for November 6 for a fall work party!  Details are still being worked out, but we plan to do a community-wide cleanup.  Please plan to join us!  We will share more details as they develop.

Fire line restoration:  We are in contact with the USFS about restoring the dozer line through the community.  They still have their hands full with fire crews, but we are on their radar.

Fire thinning on private lots:  in order to protect the larger community, fire crews came through and thinned many private lots.  Often, the slash was moved to different lots or onto community property.  Therefore, we ask the following:  if your lot was thinned, be proactive about finding and taking care of the debris, even if it’s not on your lot anymore.  If your lot has had debris dumped on it and you are able to clean it up, please do so.  If you are unable or the debris is bigger than a simple “clean up” then please let us know.  If you feel the clean up mojo and want to help your neighbors out, please do that, too!  For those of you who I have spoken with already, no further action is needed.

Septic System:  It’s finally happening!  After supply line delays, work stoppage due to the evacuations, Department of Health certifications….it’s really happening!  JA Wright has been on site removing the old sand filter roof structure and filter media and will begin the rebuilding phase shortly.  As a reminder, the final product will be fully underground — we should simply see a mound of earth with a couple access portals when it’s all complete.  (Note:  because we all have our individual septic tanks, there is no reason to change any routines or behaviors in your home while we’re under construction.)

Community Garbage Pilot:  we’re going live!  As you may remember, we have been working towards having a community dumpster, accessible via a monthly fee.  Those of you who previously expressed interest already received an email from Gilda; if you are interested but did not get an email, reach out to her directly for details (she is cc’d here).

The sheep!  One of Karlie’s and my favorite things about the Woodlands are the sheep from BCS Livestock, who graze our fields in the fall! Lee had them grazing there just a few weeks back.  We encourage you to support this valley business:  https://www.bcslivestock.com/

Happy fall, everyone!

Jordan Gevers
LWHA Board

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