LWHA December Update

Hi everyone – 

The snow finally arrived!  With the holidays imminent, I thought I’d send out one last community update for 2021.

Water System   We had an interesting week there, with several breaks.  After many rounds of discussions with engineers, installers, and excavators, we believe the culprit is a combination of air hammer and aged, substandard pipes and connections.  Without getting into too many details, when air enters the system, the water pressure compressed to 3 times the normal pressure in the pipes — approximately 180 psi!  This causes weak connections, typically between metal and PVC fittings, to burst.  We are hopeful that we are now in a good spot for the winter, and are looking at long-term scenarios for repairing, replacing, or doing nothing.  We will keep you updated as this evolves.  Thanks again to Brian Moratti for managing these breaks, and to Tracey Belding for her time and expertise.  (Reminder:  these breaks will happen again, and they will always take several hours to repair.  Keep extra water handy.)

Plowing   A quick reminder about snow removal:  while the HOA is responsible for roads, property owners are solely responsible for their driveways.  Please keep that in mind if renters contact you during big storms.  In addition, don’t forget that during freeze-thaw cycles, it’s going to get icy!  Please plan ahead and remember that sanding has limited, if any, results.

Septic System   It’s done!  Heyooooh!  JA Wright has finished construction and the new system is fully operational.  Furthermore, the Department of Health has lifted their moratorium on building permits, so everything is back to normal.  To pay for this, the Board authorized a transfer from our Reserve fund.  We are fully paid and took on no debt for this project.

Reserve Study   Speaking of Reserve funds…we will be conducting an annual update to our Reserve Study, originally completed about 2 years ago.  This study is used to predict income and expenditures for big items (like a septic system) for the next 30 years, thereby answering the question, “so how much money should we keep in reserves?”  We will keep you updated as the study is completed.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions.  Enjoy the holiday season and we will see you on the ski trails!

LWHA Board

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