LWHA February Update from the Board

Hi everyone – 

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the winter!  The Olympics are coming up – be sure to root for our Methow neighbors!

I’ve got a couple serious things to communicate to you:

Property Management change:  As of 2/1, Brian Moratti will be retiring from the property management role.  He has done a ton of work over a very tumultuous year, and we’re really thankful for his contributions.  Please thank him if you see him. 

His retirement has compelled the Board to find an alternate way to deal with that role.  As such, we have enlisted Methow House Watch to fulfill duties.  This change also means that when something needs attention in the community, you need to notify the Board in a new way.  I will detail these changes in a different email for clarity. 

Dog Poop:  Multiple people have mentioned to me that roads have turned into a polka-dotted minefield of dog poop.  This isn’t OK. It’s impeding the ability for us all to enjoy walks, and it’s just gross (not to mention polluting).   Dog owners, you know the drill — please pick up after your dogs.  Rental units:  please provide bags and a note to your renters that they need to pick up after their dogs.  Thank you for your cooperation.

It’s Budgeting Season:  The Board and I have begun the process of budgeting for next year.  We have updated our reserve study, reviewed our finances, and penciled in some plans for 2022.  At this time, signs are pointing to an increase in fees.  I’m telling you this for planning purposes only and have no further details to share.  Please know we don’t take this lightly and will be as responsible as possible.

To offset those potential fees, we have been working with the County to pause our bimonthly sewer maintenance fees.  Therefore, you will not see the usual $40 or $80 bill from the PUD for the rest of the year.Since we have a brand new septic filter, reasonably new septic equipment, and a healthy balance in the County’s maintenance fund, we all agreed it would be safe to simply pause the payments for a year.  Our hope is that this savings offsets a community dues increase for you.

2022 Annual Meeting:  mark your calendars for May 21, 2022 for a zoom-based annual meeting, followed by an in-person work party.  Details and an invite coming soon!

Thanks, everyone!  Please read my next email about property management and have a great winter!  Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

Jordan Gevers
LWHA Board

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