HOA Dues & Sewage Fees

Liberty Woodlands Homeowners Association Dues

Liberty Woodlands lot and homeowners are subject to dues and assessments levied by the Liberty Woodlands Homeowners Association. Homeowners voted on September 29, 2019 to adjust the dues based on a recent Reserve Study. A current schedule of dues and assessments is available here.

Fines for Violation of HOA Governing Documents

RCW 64.38.020(11) provides that a homeowners association may levy reasonable fines to homeowners for violations of the HOA’s governing documents. The current Fine Schedule for Violations of the Declaration, Bylaws, or rules of the Association can be found here.

Sewer Fees

The Okanogan County Public Works Department owns and maintains the sewer system which includes the main liquid sewage collection lines, recirculating sand filters housed in structures, a pressurized subsurface absorption system field all located on or under or across the common area together with all the equipment, pumps, piping, motors, controls, etc. necessary to operate the system.

The Public Works Department asses a fee every two months for managing the sewer and repairing it if there is a problem or a leak. The fee is lower for unimproved lots and higher for lots with homes on them.