Policies and Best Practices

Parking spaces

Approved parking spaces are part of the Architectural Committee’s review process. Only approved parking spaces are allowed. No overnight parking is permitted on the streets or on community property. Driving across community property is prohibited. Enforcement of this policy is the same as for all other LWHA policies.

Rules and regulations and fine schedule.

Adopted at February 2017 Board meeting.


Best practices, including sewer & septic information.  

Though not formal policies, this document recommends some best-practices-for-property-and-home-owners-2016. The LWHA Property Report 2017 that was shared at the annual meeting also includes some useful information about bears, hunting, trees, emergency water, etc.

We also recommend having a land survey done–if survey markers are missing–before construction begins. Lot owners are responsible for maintaining survey markers on their property.

Trailer policy. Adopted at April 2016 Board meeting. Amended February 2017.

To promote and maintain the harmonious environment of Liberty Woodlands, owners of trailer, campers and RV’s may park their vehicles on their lots for up to 5 hours for the purpose of cleaning and restocking. No overnight parking is allowed.

One live-in trailer for builders only (not families), which is approved by the Architectural Control Committee, is permitted on a lot during active periods of construction. If construction ceases longer than 2 weeks, the trailer must be removed. Maximum length 21 feet. If more than one house is being built simultaneously, the number of trailers will be discussed and negotiated with the Committee. Once the exterior of the house is completed, the trailer must be removed.

Size of signs (builders, realtors). Adopted at the 2015 Annual meeting.



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