HOA Governing Documents


All properties in Liberty Woodlands are owned, sold, and conveyed accordance with the 1987 Amended Declaration of Protective Covenants, Restrictions & Conditions, filed with Okanogan County.

LWHA By-laws

In addition, Liberty Woodlands Homeowners Association is governed by by-laws which were enacted in 1989. This document establishes how the HOA does business. For example, when and how it conducts its annual meeting, what the board positions are and how they are elected, the powers and duties of the board and other committees, etc.

LWHA Dues, Fees, Fines, and Assessments

Home owners are subject to annual dues and assessments. In addition, violations of LWHA policies or the covenants in the CC&Rs may result in the imposition of a fine. A full schedule of dues, fees, fines, and Assessments is available here.

LWHA Architectural Guidelines & Process

The Architectural Control Committee has published information on our Architectural Guidelines & Process (effective May 16, 2020) for potential homeowners and builders. This is a plain language guide to the specific guidelines and design parameters that are acceptable in Liberty Woodlands. It also contains the step-by-step process for submitting plans for approval. More information is also available on the Want to Buy or Build? page.


Finally, Liberty Woodlands home and lot owners are subject to formally-adopted policies regarding “for sale” signs, trailers, and parking spaces. LW Policies

Sewer Fees

The Okanogan County Public Works Department owns and maintains the sewer system which includes the main liquid sewage collection lines, recirculating sand filters housed in structures, a pressurized subsurface absorption system field all located on or under or across the common area together with all the equipment, pumps, piping, motors, controls, etc. necessary to operate the system.

The Public Works Department assesses a fee every two months for managing the sewer and repairing it if there is a problem or a leak. The fee is lower for unimproved lots and higher for lots with homes on them.