firewisebrandedlogoLiberty Woodlands has been recognized annually as a “FireWise” community since 2013. This means we work together as a community to prepare for and reduce the risk of wildfire damage and loss. Following are a list of practices the homeowners use to minimize the risk of wildfire.

Firewise Work Party

Thinning and cleaning up ladder fuels and downed wood in our 60-acre property is a continuous process. Homeowners participate in an annual work party to clear lower limbs from pine trees, pull up small fir trees and generally clear brush and weeds from common areas. The work party is typically planned for the afternoon after the annual homeowners meeting.


Our roadsides are regularly sprayed and mowed to reduce the possibility of cars or trucks igniting grasses and dead material as well as to manage noxious weeds.


Homeowners have laid gravel where cars may be parked so that the forest floor is protected from car traffic and the damage to our woodland floor caused by parking cars outside of designated areas.

Fire Hydrants

Homeowners and guests have instructions for use of the seven fire hydrants throughout Liberty Woodlands. If you spot a fire, call 9-1-1 for assistance before attempting to use the hydrants!


Several acres of community property have been placed into cultivation.  The green alfalfa and irrigation often help to retard a grass fire.

Home Maintenance

Homeowners also work on their individual homes to make them safer during a wildfire.


Reference: Woodlands Firewise Practices