Want to buy or build?

Design and construction within Liberty Woodlands is subject to an approval process administered by the Architectural Control Committee. The committee uses three documents to guide its decision-making.

The committee has published an Architectural Process Handbook. This is a plain language guide to the specific guidelines and design parameters that are acceptable in Liberty Woodlands. It also contains the. step-by-step process for submitting plans for approval.

The general steps to gain approval are to:

  1. Submit schematics or full construction drawings and a processing fee to the Architectural Control Committee. This checklist may be helpful when putting the plans together.
  2. The Committee will review and respond to the request within three weeks.
  3. If approved, pay water and sewer hook up fees to the LWHA.
  4. Complete the Okanogan County Water Adequacy Application and send to the LWHA property manager for signature.
  5. Submit the completed application to the Okanogan Department of Public Health and work with the Okanogan County Building Department to obtain any other necessary permits.

Construction within Liberty Woodlands is subject to various construction guidelines and restrictions.