Want to buy or build?

Prospective and current landowners, it’s important to review the following documents:

…as well as the LWHA-Architectural-Process-Handbook. This handbook describes in further detail the step-by-step process of submitting plans for approval, as well as more specific guidelines about the design parameters in our community. You can also use this Checklist-for-builders when putting your plans together. Finally, please note that there is a $500 architectural review fee due before  the committee will sign off on your plans.

The general steps to gain approval are:

1. Send in architectural requirements with a processing fee of $500.00 to the LWHA address.

2. Receive approval letter from Architectural Committee within three weeks.

3. Pay water and sewer hook up fees to LWHA.

4. Send Water Adequacy form (on website under fees) to the property manager c/o LWHA address with the lot owner’s information completed.

5. Property manager will sign and complete the form with the required LWHA information and return it to the lot owner.

6. Lot owner submits the Water Adequacy form with the fee payable to Okanogan Department of Public Health.

7. Lot owner submits a copy of their building permit to LWHA. 

Mailing address: LWHA, P.O. Box 127, Winthrop, WA 98862

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