LWHA Firewise Meeting

Hello LWHA Members,

Thanks to all who were able to attend the Firewise meeting last night and especially to Brian M for presenting! For those who weren’t able to attend, here is a

Link to Zoom recording of LWHA Firewise Meeting (3.29.21)

A few follow up items:

  • We will send you more information about specifics of the May 15 work party and what you can do ahead of it on your own property (e.g. limb and clear and put materials out at the end of your driveway for chipping).
  • Now that we know we received the DNR grant for equipment we will figure out the most useful tools to purchase for community/owner uses. If you have some ideas please send them our way.
  • It was great to have Chris M an owner from McKinney Ridge join us – he is a professional tree trimmer/arborist and has extensive experience running chippers, etc. We will follow up with Chris about this and to make sure that McKinney Ridge owners are invited to the work party.
  • Link to Fire Resistant Plants PDF that Brian mentioned in his presentation.
  • Ben J brought up a really good point about encouraging the Forest Service to do more tree clearing in the forest adjacent to Liberty Woodlands. It sounds like we might want to start a campaign regarding this. If anyone wants to volunteer to research this and take the lead please let us know.

Thanks all!


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