Mazama Hydrant Project

Hi everyone – 

Last summer, we collectively experienced the stress, trauma and exhaustion brought on by the Cedar Creek and Cub Creek fires. Fortunately, we also felt relief as the fires were brought to a relatively controlled conclusion.

If your experience was anything like mine, you felt a strong sense of helplessness — there was literally nothing we could do aside from letting the fire crews do their work.

Trying to alleviate that sense of helplessness is one of the reasons I am happy to send this email asking for your support of the Mazama Hydrant Project. Details can be found here; in short, this project would establish a high-volume hydrant near the Mazama Store that could be used to fight fires in our end of the Valley, instead of fire trucks having to make the round trip to Winthrop and back.

Alan Fahnestock, our across-the-valley neighbor, is heading up this project and is happy to take your questions.  He is cc’d here.

Karlie and I will be making a contribution to the effort, and I hope to see many fellow Woodlanders’ names on the list as well!

Jordan Gevers
LWHA Board

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