Mazama Hydrant Project

Hi everyone –  Last summer, we collectively experienced the stress, trauma and exhaustion brought on by the Cedar Creek and Cub Creek fires. Fortunately, we also felt relief as the fires were brought to a relatively controlled conclusion. If your experience was anything like mine, you felt a strong sense of helplessness — there was literally … More Mazama Hydrant Project

Road maintenance – herbicide application

Next Tuesday (5/25/21) we have contracted with Loomis AG from Tonasket to apply Milestone herbicide to our roads.  This is something that we do annually to control noxious weeds and maintain our roadways. You can find information about this product on the manufacturer’s website. The provider can apply this chemical to your driveway if desired. The … More Road maintenance – herbicide application

MethowNet to expand internet offerings

An exciting message from board president, Jordan: For the past several months, MethowNet has been working with Lee Whittaker, Jim Cahill, and Arlo Borgnino to evaluate the availability of internet service in the Woodlands using a new/different technology than they typically use.  I won’t pretend to understand the tech side of it; however, they have let … More MethowNet to expand internet offerings

WA Dep’t of Ecology announces Methow Valley burn ban

A ban on outdoor burning and the use of uncertified stoves and fireplaces begins at 8 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 8, in Okanogan County’s Methow Valley, and for all of Chelan and Douglas counties due to poor air quality in the region. The Washington Department of Ecology is calling the ban because stagnant conditions are forecast in the … More WA Dep’t of Ecology announces Methow Valley burn ban

Highway 20 information

As fall marches on, we watch with anticipation for the date when Highway 20 closes for the season. Typically, it closes around late-November, although it has closed as early as October 17th back in 2003. The latest WSDOT information is available online, including webcams, weather conditions, driving conditions, a map of the closure points, and … More Highway 20 information