LWHA special meeting update

The following message is from LWHA HOA president, following the homeowners special meeting on 9/29:

Hi everyone,

Thank you to all who were able to join us last Sunday for the LWHA meeting and the work party!  The purpose of this message is to update everyone on the outcome of the votes, plus provide some guidance on what these votes mean for you.

On the reserve study, membership approved implementing the study’s 10-year funding plan.  As such, expect to see an increase in total dues starting in 2020; invoices are typically mailed mid-year.  Details of the increase can be found in the packets we provided.

On the ski trail, membership approved implementing the 1-year pilot ski trail through the fire break between us and Evergreen.  Next steps on this are to let it snow and then have Steve Devin do his thing! In the interim, we will work on signage and a way to gather feedback on the trail.  Because there are so many unknowns relative to the pilot ski trail, including the frequency of grooming, volume of use, and/or possible negative impacts to the community, we ask that you do not widely broadcast the existence of the trail (e.g., on your rental listing). It was noted at the meeting that Steve Devin won’t start grooming until there’s about 2 feet of snow since sections of the trail are full of tree stumps, etc. and after that he will only groom sporadically when there’s a big storm. This pilot ski trail will NOT be the same quality as the trails offered by Methow Trails. What we’re trying to avoid is a deluge of use for a piece of community infrastructure that we really don’t know anything about just yet, in addition to possible negative experiences for your guests.  In addition, when the time comes to start using the trail please remember that vehicles need to be parked in your own driveway, not on Liberty or Ponderosa.

And finally:  don’t forget about the smokeless hauling taking place on 10/21!  Gay will follow with more details.

Thanks for your time last weekend.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions.

Jordan Gevers
2019-2020 LWHA President

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