Smoke-free hauling of downed wood and pine needles

To minimize the need for homeowners to burn downed wood and pine needles on their property, the Liberty Woodlands property manager has arranged for Lupe Garcia to drive by one day after Memorial Day to haul this debris from the roadside in front of each homeowners’ cabin.

Each homeowner will be individually responsible to Lupe for the cost of having their wood and pine needles hauled away. To minimize costs, follow these instructions:

  1. Downed wood should be less than 6 inches in diameter
  2. Gather the wood with all butt ends facing out to the road
  3. No huge big tangled piles. A long row of piles can be driven along more easily than one big pile Longer branches are better than short branches
  4. NO building materials – 4 x 4’s etc.
  5. Needles should be separate from downed wood and not mixed with other yard waste

To participate, email or text the property manager your name, billing address, cell number, and Woodlands cabin address.

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