No interruption in water service during power outage

OCEC logo

As many of you know, OCEC has a planned outage scheduled for June 30, Sunday from 9:45 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. The purpose of the outage is to allow BPA to finish the work for the ongoing transmission project. This will complete the transmission work required for a looped transmission system.

Our new generator powered by LP Gas is set up to turn on/off automatically when there is a power outage. A huge thank you goes the LWHA Board and to Tim Otonicar who worked through demands on a project in Seattle and a family health issue to make this happen in time for the 30th.  He tested the system 3 times this afternoon so we hope that all will go well tomorrow evening.

You still need to prepare for no electricity in your homes – electric powered lights, refrigerators, freezers, washer/dryers etc..  This generator is just for our water pumps/motors so that you will continue to have water service.

Questions re the power outage should be directed to OCEC at 509-996-2228.

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